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A family owned business founded in 2000, Mi Madre Foods was born when Mr. Servando and Ms. Delia started making pique at their home as a hobby using an old family recipe and shared the product with family and friends. The feedback received on the product was positive and led to the kitchen production to develop quickly to meet local customer demand. The business also became a source of income for Mr. Servando and Ms. Delia, which was a key driver for him to support their family of five. Mr. Servando began by joining local trade shows, farmer markets and festivals which further exposed Pique Mi Madre to a bigger market across the island, which caused the product to become extremely popular to locals and tourists visiting the island.


The traditional and unique pique from Puerto Rico was the first product in the hot sauce market made with chunks of garlic, vinegar and homegrown habanero peppers, Pique Mi Madre quickly became the favorite traditional pique in Puerto Rico and conquered hot sauce lovers around internationally.

To meet demand, Mi Madre scaled up production and built a manufacturing site with increased manufac-turing capabilities located in the central mountains of Puerto Rico.


After 20 years of continuous evolution, Mi Madre Foods has expanded by adding new family recipes to their hot sauces portfolio: Mi Madre Guava, Mi Madre Parcha (Passion Fruit) and Mi Madre Hot Sauce. Get ready to enjoy a new variety of flavors, fresh ingredients and the pique of our habanero peppers.