Mi Madre Foods born when Don Servando along with Doña Delia decided bring to light a variety of family recipes. Give quality of life to their family was the first goal at the beginning. But, after a successful release in tradeshows around the Island, Servando and Delia’s daughter, Alessandra, saw an opportunity to show their products to the world. The traditional and unique PIQUE from Puerto Rico was the first product. Made with chunks of garlic, vinegar and homegrown habaneros peppers, Pique Mi Madre quickly became the favorite traditional pique in Puerto Rico.

After the hurricane María, everything shakes but non the spirit and desire to continue helping the local economy. Now, Mi Madre Foods is ready to add more family recipes to their hot sauces portfolio. Mi Madre Guava, Mi Madre Parcha (Passion Fruit) and Mi Madre Hot Sauce. Get ready to enjoy a new variety of flavors, fresh ingredients and the PIQUE of our habaneros peppers.